Medical Assessment at BMI

After attending an in-person bariatric seminar or webinar, patients meet with one of our obesity specialists to complete a full medical history.

Your interview will take approximately 60 minutes while we complete your medical record with information that helps us determine the best weight loss treatment options for you.

In addition to your medical, surgical, mental health and family history, we want to know about other factors that may be related to your weight history including:

  • History of weight gain and lose
  • Types of previous weight loss attempts (diets, other-the-counter products, counseling)
  • Weight-related health conditions (joint pain, diabetes, elevated blood pressure or cholesterol, infertility, sleep apnea)
  • Medications that might be contributing to your weight gain
  • Lifestyle eating and exercise behaviors
  • Physical limitations
  • Stress management
  • Substance use
  • Family history of obesity

Next Steps

You determine your weight loss goals and a “healthy weight” for you!  As a bariatric team, we will help you determine the best weight loss treatment options for your personal situation.

Some patients may need medical weight management, others may wish to delay treatment, and for some individuals, weight loss surgery is the best option for their health condition.